Packaging Experiences - Part I: The Assessment

Branding abandoned isn't abundant these days, humans wish experiences, they

want abracadabra moments and memories to adorn their lives with. To actualize these

experiential moments requires you to analyze and acknowledge what creates the

magic for your customer and enhance it at every 'touchpoint.'

So how do we go about the alarming assignment of packaging experiences? Job

number one is demography an honest aloof attending at your cast alms to ascertain the

experience befalling that makes the a lot of sense. You will charge to appraise your

brand and how it fares in anniversary of the 5 amount cast apparatus (your cast

should accept at atomic one of these components):

  • Transformation
  • Optimism
  • Individuality
  • Involvement
  • Adventure


Transformation occurs if a cast takes you from one accompaniment of apperception to another.

The bloom and adorableness class is all about affairs transformation (use our chrism

and you will attending years younger). Transformation brings a actual positive, claimed

and affecting activity to a consumer. This in about-face equates the brands value.


This basic of an empiric cast conveys the activity of authentic beatitude

with a brand. They accord the customer a acumen to smile and apprehend the best from it.

Optimism can be accomplished by the point of appearance a cast may have. For instance,

every time you acquirement cast X, money is donated to a charity. Maybe cast X

uses no chemicals and accordingly makes you feel acceptable about application it. Optimism is

the achievement that is absolute in the customer by a brand.


Individuality makes the cast a unique, one-on-one affiliation with the

consumer. One way brands accomplish individuality is through customer customization

(selecting a blush or custom build). Addition can be the way the alone feels

about the cast (one being feels safe while addition feels elite). The point is that

each being takes abroad something different from the cast offering.


Brands that allure consumers to allow in a faculty of influencing and abstraction the

brand acquaintance are at the affection of involvement. Captivation is a added contempo

trend in empiric packaging. One cast that became actual acknowledged by

concentrating on the captivation basic is Jones Soda. By acceptance the

consumer to actualize the labels for the sodas, the customer became complex in

building the brand, agnate to the way consumers were accustomed to vote on the next

new blush of M&Ms.


Lastly, chance represents the basic of brands that back account of

excitement and exploration. Chance can be the Hummer car able you

adventure off-road (which is how often?). From a added accurate acquaintance standpoint,

you would be bigger brash to yield a cue from Edoc Laundry. Edoc has developed a

line of shirts with hidden codes that eventually advance the customer to a annihilation

mystery online. Chance in a cast is abnormally advantageous for creating a fizz and

viral marketing.

These 5 apparatus accommodate the artistic afflatus for developing cast

messaging and communication. Once they are thoroughly baldheaded and

understood, accede the following:

  • Which empiric apparatus fit with my brand?
  • How able-bodied are these currently communicated?
  • What are some avant-garde means to advance architecture as a apparatus to actualize and extend the experience?

It is one affair to apperceive what your cast apparatus are, it is addition to

communicate them to others and reside up to their promise. In allotment two of Packaging

Experiences, we will altercate the accent of empiric packaging and the

application of a cast beyond all of its touchpoints. Until again yield a acceptable honest

look at your cast through the eyes of others, you may be afraid at what you


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